PETS Work Days

What are they? Why are there so many? Why are they important?

Certain days before and during the PETS riding season are important days in the life of the program. Work Days are days set aside when, before the season starts, volunteers prepare the barn for the horses to return to from winter boarding. The time is spent with assistance from the Equestrian Center making sure the stalls and in good order, the feed room in unpacked and the offices are cleaned out from the winter’s break.

During the off season the barn is host to many horses attending shows at the Equestrian Center. Once the time arrives for PETS to return, volunteers come and make the stalls and turnout ready. The workdays usually take place on Saturdays and are a good time for students to gain their student service hours.

This is our most laborious work and needs the help of many volunteers. The turnout area has its fencing reinforced and pasture cleaned. Rubber mats are placed in the stalls and bedding is spread inside. Water and feed buckets are cleaned as well as the tack and grooming boxes. The office, tack room and kitchen are cleaned and placed in order so that we can begin our season.

During the riding season the work days help keep the barn and equipment in proper working order. As a Premier Accredited PATH International riding center certain standards require that PETS maintain a safe and well managed facility. Since PETS is a 100-percent volunteer organization, the labor comes only from volunteers who can give their time and keep the barn and turnout in working order.

As the season comes to a close, PETS packs up to allow the Equestrian Center to use the barn. Our horses are transported to their winter homes and we eagerly wait until spring when we can start again.

Contact us at and 301-627-4308 to begin volunteering!

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