August Gift Card Highlights

Back to school time means spending money and helping PETS

As students go back to school, or your summer vacation break winds down, take a look at these and other SCRIP gift cards for school, dorm and home purchases.

Gift cards are PETS’ best year-round fund-raiser that helps both you and the program. The cards come from a variety of vendors and you can use them as a gift for someone or yourself. (Actual cards and rebate amounts may vary.) Download the September order form.

Target – Purchase a $25 card and PETS receives 2% back.

Kohl’s – Purchase a $25 card and PETS receives 4% back.

Home Depot – Purchase a $25 card and PETS receives 5% back.

PETS’ next order due date is September 15, the same date as the Volunteer Picnic. You can use the sample order form to consider your own purchases or to pass along to family, friend and coworkers. Follow the instructions printed on the form. Read here how each purchase benefits the PETS program.

Browse through all the available gift cards and help keep PETS running.

Share gift cards with your friends and stay connected with PETS on Facebook to see the latest gift card news!

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