PETS Volunteer Picnic and Show Off Awards

Great day of fun and thanks for another riding season

Volunteers, riders, family and friends gathered at the Patuxent River 4-H Center for the annual volunteer picnic. Organizers planned a day of dessert taste-testing, games, fund-raising information and awards for volunteers and riders.

Each year PETS closes the riding season with a picnic event to say thank you to all the volunteers who have helped the program. At the same time, riders learn about the results of the earlier Show Off competition and receive their awards as well.

A new twist in this year’s picnic included having a taste testing contest of various homemade and store bought desserts from the riders and their families. Outdoor games were also planned as was an information session on PETS’s various fundraising programs.

Riders in four classes were awarded on their scores in the Show Off events: Dressage, Barrel Race, Obstacle Course and “HALT” Spelling. Volunteers received special recognition for their service. New volunteers received rookie awards and volunteers who provided the most hours were also given special recognition. Some volunteers were given unique awards to highlight their dedication, spirit and the fun they bring to the program.

Show Off riders celebrating their awards above.

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