PETS Horse ‘Harry’ Passes Away

Rescued horse’s final days spent with his barn friends


We regret to inform you of the passing of one of our horses, Harry. Harry had a few moments of difficulty recently that involved review of and care for by one of our program’s veterinarians. In the most recent incident consultation was done and it was determined that for concern of quality of life, Harry’s immediate suffering should end.

random 002Harry, a Morgan horse, came to the PETS program after having been rescued by a former program instructor. During his service to PETS he was a reliable mount for a few of our able-bodied riders when selected for lessons. He became well-known at the barn for his sleek black coat, which in the winter turned curly and thick, and for his unique “Darth Vader” breathing sounds.

In the past years Harry spent winter boarding with Dancer and Herbie. Last winter he enjoyed trail rides, ring work and being with Jake and Wesley.

Harry was a very good horse for the PETS program, the riders and volunteers who worked with him and he will be sincerely missed.  We are very thankful that his final time was spent in service to others.

Don’t Cry for Horses” by Brenda Riley-Seymore

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