PETS/R&D Cross 2013 Horse of the Year

Short Quarterhorse a favorite among riders and volunteers

PETS Show Off 2013 046In an effort to draw attention to our equine volunteers, as well as recognize a local business that PETS and the Prince Georges’ County Equestrian Center, Showplace Arena rely on, PETS has begun the “PETS/R&D Cross Horse of the Year Award.”

R&D Cross, of Southern States, is a landmark Upper Marlboro store that has helped supply the program’s feed and horse care needs for many years. Recently R&D Cross assisted PETS with acquiring and installing heavy duty metal fencing panels for the horse’s turnout area. This fencing helped cut down on the amount of labor it took each year to repair the turnout and make it ready for the horses’ return each riding season.

A note from a rider hangs near Dancer's stall. (PETS photo)

A note from a rider hangs near Dancer’s stall. (PETS photo)

The 2013 winning horse is ‘Dancer’.  A red-Dunn Quarter horse who has been with PETS for many years, Dancer was selected in a very close vote (he narrowly beat new horse ‘Alby’) by riders, volunteers, family members and friends. His size allows instructors to use him with young, first time riders and more experienced independent riders. His disposition shows an eagerness to work as well as get along with the other horses in the program, but he has a slight “oppositional attitude” that safely challenges riders to use their aids to the best of their ability. He is used in almost every lesson.

Dancer with riders, volunteers, judges, instructors and others at 2013 Show Off. (PETS photo)

Dancer with riders, volunteers, judges, instructors and others at 2013 Show Off. (PETS photo)

Voting for the PETS/R&D Cross Horse of the Year was done by ballot at the Equestrian Center barn as well as online at PETS’ Facebook page. Eligibility was that each nominee had to be used in the year’s riding season. The top two horses were then forwarded to the instructors for the final selection based on the horse’s performance and reliability this season.

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