PETS Work Day – Help is Needed

PETS is being relocated to the other side of the Equestrian Center with a turnout area that isn’t in the flood plain.  We were notified yesterday that we have until April 1st to move EVERYTHING that we have in the current barn to the new location.  Needless to say, the next few weekends will be very busy.  We need all the help that we can get.  Please bring hand tools including drills etc. that can be used to remove things that we mounted or installed in the old barn and need to be installed in the new barn.  Hand trucks (to help move the heavier items around) would be appreciated.  Pickup trucks, etc.  would also be a big help in moving some of the bulkier items from one place to another.
We will start around 9AM this Saturday, the 14th, and work  as long as we can.  Come and help for as many or few hours that you can provide to help with this ‘sudden emergency relocation’.  We have our work cut out for us if we are to be ready for the return of the horses the first week of April as well as getting the ‘new’ barn set up for program operation.
Thank you!
The PETS Staff
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