Join the PETS Family in the Cheverly Day Parade On May 21

WOODY, the PETS Mascot, has been undergone a major beautification and is ready to put his best foot forward to  show off the PETS  program in the Cheverly Day Parade on Saturday, May 21.   We have 2 six foot long wonderful PETS banners to announce his presence on the parade route and volunteers in their PETS shirts finery are needed to proudly carry the banners.  Woody will be carrying a rider and, of course, the rider will need side walkers and a leader to make sure Woody and rider are not freaked out by the massive crowds lining the streets of Cheverly.  This is a great chance to let people know what a great organization PETS is!  That means we also need lines of people in their PETS shirts to follow along in support.  LET US KNOW WHO CAN COME AND HAVE FUN WITH US ON MAY 21st.   You must be on deck in Cheverly at 9AM to line up for the parade.
I will reserve am information table during the afternoon for  PETS  to promote the great work that we all do  and to make use of this fun way to attracting more volunteers and/or riders. ( Gosh, we may even get horse donations after seeing WOODY; people will be so impressed with the care of that horse.)  The tables will need volunteers at the table from 2PM to 5/6PM.  The tables could be staffed by four people in two hour.    There will be food, music, and activities for distractions during the afternoon so one can take breaks.
If you are interested in participation in the parade or the table  please reply back to this e-mil or call  the barn (301) 627-4308 for more information.
The PETS Staff
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