Join Us for the 2016 Riding Season!

We are Progressive Equestrian Therapeutic Services, Inc. Sponsored by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission our non-profit organization operates out of Barn E-8 at the Prince George’s County Equestrian Center.

Our 100% volunteer staff provides skill based riding and horsemanship lessons, free of charge, to Prince George’s County residents dealing with various disabilities.

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Do More 24 – on June 2

Join PETS and The United Way of the National Capital Area in raising awareness and donations during Do More 24

PETS has a great opportunity through United Way’s DO MORE 24 campaign to raise funds for the care of our 4 footed friends, Herbie, Wesley, Big Red, Blue Dancer, Ivy, Dancer and Romeo.

PETS’ riding lessons are provided without charge which equalizes the benefits of riding for all of our students with disabilities. All services to riders and horses are provided by a care of volunteers. This means that all money received goes to help keep the Program running and keeping our horses healthy and happy throughout the year.



What would $24 do for your organization?

A handy bottle of fly spray is an absolute must if one wants a smooth and easy ride rather than a ride that includes little kicks, tail swatting, and total body shutters. A happy horse means that the horse and the rider can focus on a dressage pattern, walking over ground poles, or completing an obstacle course. Needless to say, on a hot summer day, at least two bottles of fly spray are needed during a riding lesson to keep the flies at bay and to keep our horses happy. The fly spray is diluted from a concentrated liquid in case you are thinking that a bottle of fly spray $12.00!

What would $48 do for your organization?

A couple of bags of good quality grain feed would cost at least $48.00. While eating grass and hay is nourishing for horses, the PETS program must supplement with grain feeds in order to be sure that the horses are getting the right nutrients that are essential for maintaining their weight and have the energy necessary for participation in riding lessons three times a week. Also, the grass cannot grow fast enough in their turn-out area to maintain a grass cover that will keep our seven horses well fed. Treats like carrots and apples are also considered delicious by our horses, but we always have generous donors ready to keep treats on hand.

What would $124 do for your organization?

One of our teenage young ladies once told us,”When I am with my horse, I am alive!” While she was referring to her pleasure when riding and not to her riding helmet, the PETS program always has be certain that our helmets are in good condition and satisfy horse industry standards. As older helmets are retired from the program, $124 plus a good sale price , would enable PETS to replace four old helmets with new ASTM/SEI* approved riding helmet. Horseback riding is a high risk sport and keeping our riders safe is paramount! *All the helmets used in our program, including those personally owned, must meet the American Society for Testing and Materials /Safety Equipment Institute (ASTM/SEI) standards for helmets and are also one of the many requirements for the riding program to maintain accreditation by PATH, Intl. (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International).
What would $240 do for your organization?
The riding instructors in our program diligently strive to meet the training standards that our PATH, Intl. accredited program demands. The PETS program presently has two certified therapeutic riding instructors and two instructors- in-training. The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International, (PATH, Intl) provides the basic training courses that will qualify instructors in therapeutic riding. Registration fees and training manuals for Phase I of the certification training are approximately $220.00. Once certified, the instructors must to continue to acquire minimum continuing education credits yearly.
What would $480 do for your organization?
Winter care for our 7 PETS horses continues to be the overwhelming yearly expense that is incurred in order to keep the horses healthy from season to season. Given an average fee of $12 per day to keep a horse at a local horse boarding facility, $480 would pay for 40 days of board for one of the seven horses in the PETS program . You can be sure that the horses wish that they would be going to a warm winter retreat in a sunny southern state, but they have to accept a stay in frosty Prince George County and to wear a winter coat/ blanket on those days when their own shaggy winter coat is not enough. The PETS riding season at the Prince George Equestrian Center is quite short, operating from April through August. This necessitates that we fund the boarding expenses for the remaining fall and the winter months. During these months, the horses get loving visits from the PETS instructors and volunteers, and that is PRICELESS.
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Join the PETS Family in the Cheverly Day Parade On May 21

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Join the PETS Family in the Cheverly Day Parade On May 21

WOODY, the PETS Mascot, has been undergone a major beautification and is ready to put his best foot forward to  show off the PETS  program in the Cheverly Day Parade on Saturday, May 21.   We have 2 six foot long wonderful PETS banners to announce his presence on the parade route and volunteers in their PETS shirts finery are needed to proudly carry the banners.  Woody will be carrying a rider and, of course, the rider will need side walkers and a leader to make sure Woody and rider are not freaked out by the massive crowds lining the streets of Cheverly.  This is a great chance to let people know what a great organization PETS is!  That means we also need lines of people in their PETS shirts to follow along in support.  LET US KNOW WHO CAN COME AND HAVE FUN WITH US ON MAY 21st.   You must be on deck in Cheverly at 9AM to line up for the parade.
I will reserve am information table during the afternoon for  PETS  to promote the great work that we all do  and to make use of this fun way to attracting more volunteers and/or riders. ( Gosh, we may even get horse donations after seeing WOODY; people will be so impressed with the care of that horse.)  The tables will need volunteers at the table from 2PM to 5/6PM.  The tables could be staffed by four people in two hour.    There will be food, music, and activities for distractions during the afternoon so one can take breaks.
If you are interested in participation in the parade or the table  please reply back to this e-mil or call  the barn (301) 627-4308 for more information.
The PETS Staff
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Returning / New Volunteer Training

We will be conducting returning volunteer training from 5:30 PM to approximately 8 PM on Tuesday, April 5th. We will also be doing returning volunteer training and New Volunteer Training Wednesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 7th 5:00 PM to approximately 8 PM We will be meeting at the barn E-8. If you have anyone one who would like to join please bring them.

Hope to see you there!

The PETS Staff

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Earning Money for PETS is just a click away‏

Dear Volunteers, Riders and Friends,

 PETS is an organization that has teamed up with GoodSearch, joining  organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Girls Scouts, Feeding American, the Red Cross, the  League of Women Voters, and many more who use GOODSEARCH/GOOD SHOP to earn money for their  charitable organizations.

If you shop online,  or search online you can earn money for PETS with just a click of your mouse. A designated percentage  of your purchases will be donated to  PETS as well (varies by business).




ONE:  Go to    Go to drop down box and click on “HOW DOES IT WORK”  then click on “GET STARTED”


TWO: Enter your favorite nonprofit (Progressive Equestrian Therapeutic Services, Inc) in the “Who do you support? Box.


THREE:  Search the Internet .  Every time you search, a penny will be donated to Progressive Equestrian Therapeutic Services, Inc.


Let’s  add NUMBER FOUR:  Share this e-mail.  Get family and friends to sign up.


The PETS Staff

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February Pancake Breakfast

The Patuxent River 4-H Center in Upper Marlboro is associated with PETS through its hosting of our regular Board of Directors meetings and yearly VolAppPicnic Four times a year the 4-H members hold a Pancake Breakfast

You can enjoy pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage as well as coffee and juice when you come to the 4-H center on Sunday February 28th 9:00-11:00 am. Cost for breakfast is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children ages 3 to 6. Children under the age of 3 eat free. The Patuxent River 4-H Center is located at 18405 Queen Anne Road in Upper Marlboro. For more information see February Pancake Breakfast

The PETS Staff
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PETS Start-up Workdays – Help is Needed

Welcome to the start of the 2016 PETS Riding Season

Our season begins next month as work days begin to make our area ready for horses to return and returning riders submit their paperwork.

Here is our tentative 2016 calendar of events

Our first workday is to be held on Saturday March, 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Our second workday is Saturday March, 12th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m


Returning riders, please submit your completed paperwork by March 15. If you are unable to complete the the required  paperwork before March 15th, please call the barn and let us know so that we can work with you.

Returning volunteers can bring their paperwork to the work days. For safety and liability, only volunteers with current paperwork can be allowed to participate and be on the property. A Volunteer Registration Form can be found here Volunteer Registration Form for anyone who needs one, please bring a completed one for the 2016 Season with you.

Horses are expected to return, depending on the progress of the work days. Returning volunteer training, new volunteer training and rider screening also begins in the first week and second week in April.

For the most up to-date information about what is going on at PETS, Please check the website at  and Facebook at

Hope to see you soon,
The PETS Staff
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