We’ll update you with more recent photos as the season goes.


Herbie:   Color:  Bay,    Breed: Quarter Horse,       Gender: Gelding


Romeo:    Color:  Chestnut,    Breed: Quarter Horse,       Gender: Gelding


Blue:    Color:  Dark Bay,    Breed: Thoroughbred Horse,       Gender: Gelding



Ivy:  Color:  Dark Bay,    Breed: Trakehner Horse,       Gender: Mare


Dancer:  Color:  Red Dun,    Breed: Quarter Horse,       Gender: Gelding


Big Red: Color:  Chestnut,    Breed: Belgian X Standardbred       Gender: Gelding


Andre: Color:Palomino      Breed: Haflinger       Gender: Gelding



Our horses are not specifically “rescue” horses. Some have had experience showing or being used in other disciplines. One is a retired park police horse. The terms of use strictly indicate that horses presented to screening be returned to the owner during the off season.


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