How Gift Cards Help PETS

Don’t like dust? Allergic to horses? Have trouble with “hay” fever?

Our regular fundraiser, SCRIP, allows you to financially support PETS without having to set one foot in the barn. PETS offers many of the popular gift cards that you find at supermarkets, home improvement centers and various retail stores. The big difference between theirs and ours it that the ones purchased through PETS gives back financially to the program. When you purchase one of our SCRIP gift cards a percentage of your purchase is given to PETS. The percentage is small, but with the endless gift opportunity that the cards offer, the reward is great.

Here is an example of how this works:

1. Buy from PETS a gift card to Bob Evans for $10.00.

2. PETS receives 10% of that purchase.

3. Check and see if you got dirty.

As a charitable contribution to a non-profit organization, PETS will offer you a rebate agreement form that you may apply to your tax return.

Click here to see the sample order form and view the many venders in the Scrip program. Actual cards and rebate amounts may vary.

Every month PETS will offer a large variety of cards to select from. We also highlight cards that are popular for holidays or notable occasions. You can use gift cards as gifts of course, or as employee rewards, a teacher thank-you, and dorm room essentials for that starving college student, or even to have a night out with a friend.

With each promotion we’ll have details on how to purchase SCRIP gift cards as well as the order deadline. Why purchase gift cards from a store where all the money goes right back to the store?

Purchase gift cards from PETS, where a percentage of your purchase goes to supporting our all-volunteer program.

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